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The Benefits of Mindfulness: Fact or Fad

The Benefits of Mindfulness: Fact or Fad

Can a meditation practice really help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety?

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The Ongoing Quest to Uncover Walt Whitman

The Ongoing Quest to Uncover Walt Whitman

A kind of literary detective, Zachary Turpin is making a career out of discovering lost writings from the 19th century

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16 June 2021

Showcasing Titles for Pride Month

Show off your LGBTQ+ titles with Book Display Widgets.

10 June 2021

Meeting the Urgent Need for E Resources

How UC Berkeley adapted to an immediate demand for digital content – and supported an existing space reclamation project

Blogs, Academic, Librarian
08 June 2021

Making Diverse Perspectives and Research Topics Accessible

Why the world’s first drag queen with a Ph.D. on drag history published her dissertation with ProQuest

Blogs, Academic, Librarian, Faculty
04 June 2021

Art in the Press, Conspiracy Theories, Urban Water Systems: See How Universities are Using TDM

Learn more about how six universities gained free access to TDM studio through ProQuest’s Digital Research Support Program

Blogs, Academic, Librarian
02 June 2021

May 2021 Top Titles at Public Libraries

The top twenty titles public library patrons looked for in May 2021.

28 May 2021

5 Ways ProQuest Can Support your DEI Initiatives

As library leaders learn how to respond to shifting priorities, we can help

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Librarian, Faculty
27 May 2021

Editors’ Picks for Faculty…May Issue

Woody Harrelson on regenerative agriculture, Russian pop music, Israel and Palestine, change management in organizations, and more

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Public, Librarian, Faculty
26 May 2021

Digitizing the Library Collection: A Look at Georgia Tech Library

Learn more about how Georgia Tech Library has enhanced their physical browsing experience for users with Syndetics Unbound

21 May 2021

New ETD Dashboard Supports Shows the Impact of Making Research Widely Available

Here’s what users of the new Electronic Theses & Dissertations Dashboard are saying

20 May 2021

Appreciating Smaller Publishers: Oneworld Publications

A once-small publishing house produces award-winning fiction and non-fiction from across the globe

Blogs, Academic, Community College, Librarian, Faculty